Supporting the Human Experience


Small, but mighty.


Founded in 2017, the Skyward Foundation was the answer to a simple question.

At a Woodhull Foundation conference, one of our founders met a longtime sex worker who was looking to change careers — but found that 15 years as a solo entrepreneur yielded a lack of resume experience required by many employers. At the same conference, he met a practicing sex counselor who bemoaned the lack of real-world experience among newly-graduated therapists. And a light went on.

What if there were a scholarship to allow retiring sex workers to get professionally credentialed and bring their wisdom and experience to the therapy community?

The Skyward Foundation was established to provide that opportunity. Along the way, though, it supports organizations who help to break down the paradox of societal taboos against a common part of humanity — something nearly everyone does, yet is often considered wrong.

Toward that end, the foundation helps to underwrite a number of groups that provide sexuality education and support services. And with some good support, it will realize its founding vision — a win-win-win-win scenario benefiting sex workers, therapists, clients, and society.